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Off Cuts Initiative

The Jewett Farms + Co. Off Cuts Initiative is designed to reduce waste, increase creativity and provide a valuable contribution to our community and our environment.

Reduce Waste

All the products in our workshop are made from materials that would traditionally be thrown away. Hardwoods cut from our cabinetry and furniture pieces, premium soapstone left from sink cutouts or countertop remainders. 

Increase Creativity

Every product is designed by our craftsmen and made by hand from our recycled materials; as a result each one is unique. Our team is always working on creative designs utilizing off cut materials from specialty wood and stone species. All of the products in our store are made in small batches so quantities are generally limited. Get them while you can or be sure to check back for future availability. Have an idea for a great product? Let us know!

50 + 50

50% of profits are returned to the JF Sustainability Venture, a fund set up specifically for equipment and projects that will help Jewett Farms + Co. reduce our waste and increase our sustainability. Our first purchase will be a Briquette Press. Every day our cabinetshop ends up with pounds of saw dust, not much use to us but the perfect material to feed into a Briquette Press and create a 100% recycled bio-fuel. The briquette press is the first in a long list of innovative and creative plans - all with the goal of bringing JF+Co to the forefront of environmentalism in business. 

50% of profits from our Off Cuts Initiative are donated to Team Trevor, a local Maine non-profit whose grassroots fundraising efforts have contributed over 1 million dollars to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Team Trevor's mission was created in 1999, when Trevor was diagnosed with CF at five months old. Trevor’s future resides in the hands of researchers and research doesn’t come cheap. Twenty years ago there was ample research money and very little technology. Today the inverse is true; ample technology exists but it is expensive. Team Trevor was born out of love for Trevor with the goal of raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to fund research—research that will change the future for people living with CF.